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Rose Geranium - All Natural - Liquid Castile Soap

Rose Geranium - All Natural - Liquid Castile Soap

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Sustain, Nourish, and Clean your skin and hair with our signature blend castile soap which includes Argan oil, Manuka honey, aloe vera, organic oils, vegetable conditioners, and a splash of the rare essential oil of Rose Geranium.  All natural, our formula contains exceptional ingredients that are safe, PH balanced and healthy for you and your family, and for your pets.

For summer outings, put a drop or two at the back of the neck of you and your pets, as Rose Geranium and Citronella are reported to repel ticks and mosquitoes.  

We believe that no harsh chemicals, petroleum or any other by-products should ever touch your pet’s skin — so we never include them in our products.

Only nourishing ingredients make it into our soaps:

  • Rose Geranium Essential Oil has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal qualities, creates a mild calming influence, and repels creepy-crawlies.
  • Organic saponified oils of Coconut and Sunflower shield skin from moisture loss
  • Anti-Oxidant rich Avocado Oil and Rose Geranium Essential Oil tones skin and decreases irritation
  • Organic vegetable glycerin for moisturizing
  • Rosemary Extract nourishes the skin 
  • Manuka Honey, made from nectar of the Tea Tree, has healing properties and goes to work against bacteria and fungus.  Honey has its own natural preservatives and does not spoil.  

 A great lather ensures a thorough cleaning every time. And when you’re finished, your skin and hair are left enriched, protected, and manageable.  Make it your shampoo of choice for a truly wholesome and nurturing bath time!

This liquid soap is concentrated.  Use sparingly.  If you need more lather, try adding more water before adding more shampoo.  To dilute, use 2 ounces of liquid soap to 6 ounces of water.  

Ingredients: Organic saponified oils of Coconut and Sunflower. Rosemary Extract. Organic vegetable glycerin. Organic guar bean powder. Organic turmeric powder. Organic argan oil. Organic castor oil. Organic cocoa butter. Manuka honey. Avocado oil.
  Essential oils: Rose Geranium, Citronella, & Eucalyptus.

Our soaps are environmentally friendly, gluten free, and not tested on animals.

Made with Natural Ingredients Snob-Dog      Made in the USA Snob-Dog Pet Products  Environmentally Friendly Snob-Dog Pet Products  BioDegradable and Safe for the Environment Snob-Dog Pet Products        

  • Unique, Proprietary Formula -
  • You will not find another liquid soap quite like this.  It was developed to our strict specifications.
  • Made with All Natural ingredients
  • Part of a healthy lifestyle - Treat yourself to the best!
  • Oil Rich - Soothes, nourishes, and  protects skin and hair. 
  • Leaves skin and hair clean, soft, and manageable 
  • No Chemicals, No Alcohols - Never have, and never will.
  • Safe for you, your family, and your pets - pH balanced and plant based.
  • Safe for the environment - Completely biodegradable.
    • Anti-Inflammatory - Addresses swelling, inflammation, and accompanying joint pain.
    • Anti-Oxidant - Important for staying healthy.
    • Anti-Viral, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Bacteria - All the things that can make life miserable.
    • No Cruelty, No Animal Testing - This is very important to us.  
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