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Misc. Hive Components

Misc. Hive Components

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Misc. Items

This contains several unique items that are hard to fit into one category or another, so we list them as Miscellaneous.

Entrance Reducer - This reducer fits very well with our reversible bottom board.  Turn it one direction and you have a very small entrance.  Turn it the other direction and you have a little larger reduced entrance.  Or you can remove it to open the entire entrance.  Small colonies can better protect themselves from robbers with a reduced entrance.  Comes in 2 sizes, to fit 8-frame box or 10-frame box.

Follower Board - This can be used to reduce the area a colony occupies within the hive body.  Typically used at the one-box stage.  If using with more than one box, then you will need a board for each box. (We can get other sizes but do not normally have them in stock.)

Moving and Robbing Screen - This is part of the Ultimate Hive system but can be used on any hive where the pins can be pushed into the hive body.  It will allow you to close up the entrance so you can strap and move your hive to another location.  With the little top entrances open, it works as a robber screen.  There is also a way to use it as a mouse guard for winter.  It is so simple to attach, and we have successfully used it all three ways. To Purchase or Learn More - click here.

 Robbing Screen


J-Hook Hive ToolTo Purchase or Learn More - click here.

Nuc Mesh Transport Bag - Use this bag to keep the bees from escaping while you are transporting your nuc.

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