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Wax Foundation

Wax Foundation

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We are able to provide US made, excellent quality, 100% beeswax foundation for your convenience and as a natural base for brood or honey production.

Use our Crimped and Hooked, Wired Wax Foundation for a more natural approach to building comb. (Deep Frame size)

Use our Cut Comb Foundation, either in full sheets or cut into short starter sheets for your comb honey production. (Medium Frame Size)

WINTER DELIVERY - NOTICE - We will try shipping wax foundation during winter with your woodenware order but only at your request and with the understanding that there could be some breakage. We will not assume responsibility for replacement. If you do not want the risk, we can wait till warmer weather to ship your foundation with the added shipping costs.  We recommend letting your wax come to room temperature before working with it. 

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