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Queens - Martha Carpenter Mite Maulers

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Queens will be available from June to August.  (Check Ship Dates above.)

$41 per marked Queen.  We never charge for marking.  

Please call Spears Bee Farm at 641-224-2233 if you are interested in purchasing more than 10 queens to verify availability and shipping prices.

Martha Carpenter, mite mauler queens are known for their bees chewing up mites.  Sometimes they pull the legs off the mites, but usually they bite through their body and toss them aside.  They were developed by William and Martha Carpenter through 20 years of selective breeding.  They are a gentle bee with strong honey producing characteristics.


History of the Martha Carpenter Queen

by William Carpenter

Carpenter’s Apiary was established in 1868 in New York state.

We were a migratory apiary with 2000 hives of bees, which moved between New York, Florida, Iowa, North and South Dakota.

Since I retired, I began raising survival queens, by not using mite controls. . . Read More


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