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Frames - Plastic, Deep - Black - Acorn

Frames - Plastic, Deep - Black - Acorn

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1-piece plastic 9 1/8" frame with heavy wax.  Black

Made in the USA

Black foundation makes it easier to see eggs and brood, so are preferred by beekeepers for the brood boxes.

The bees seem to like these frames.  We only offer frames with heavy wax.  They have been dipped at least twice.  This helps the bee to get started drawing out frames.

Acorn One Piece Plastic Beehive Frames and Foundation have a newly redesigned and much stronger ear configuration. Highest quality manufacturing guarantees sturdier, flatter and stiffer frames.

Our intention is to have reasonably priced supplies available for you, our local beekeepers to pick-up when you "needed it yesterday." Please call to make arrangements.  

For quantities over 52 frames, please call to arrange your order and shipping.


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