Hello, we are Randy and Linda Spears of Spears Bee Farm. 

Our story starts here, in Hedrick, IA, when we purchased 3 acres over 20 years ago.  We wanted to grow fruit trees, so we planted around half an acre of them.  When they bloomed, there were no honeybees to pollinate them, so we had no fruit.  We started our first hive to be able to have apples and peaches.  We didn't know at that point how enjoyable and fulfilling beekeeping would become to us. 

As beekeepers, we need to spend our time wisely.  We don't have time for weak hives.  We have learned that good nutrition, good breeding, and disease control lead to strong, healthy hives.  And we undertake this as naturally as possible.

Our latest addition is offering beekeeping supplies. We have purchased from all the name-brand suppliers at one time or other.  When it comes to hive bodies, most of them either left us disappointed or the cost was prohibitive.  We decided to search for better products and offer them at a lower cost to help out other beekeepers who find themselves in the same dilemma. 

This brings us to where we are, offering a good product at a fair price for you, our beekeeping friends.

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