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Multiple-Colony Wooden Hive Stand

Multiple-Colony Wooden Hive Stand

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Our Hive Stands come in 3 sizes and have several advantages:

  • They're the right height for you to easily go through your brood boxes.
  • You can hang frames between the side rails.
  • Being elevated makes it harder for predators to eat bees, especially skunks.
  • The angled legs distribute the weight.
  • Bracing keeps the stand square.
  • The legs are tucked under the stand. No tripping over them at the ends.
  • The stands are sturdy, yet lightweight. 
  • One person can move a stand.
  • Easy to add distance or angles between stands, discouraging down-the-line robbing.
  • No need to paint because they are made from environmentally safe, treated lumber.

We make the Hive Stands as they are ordered, so please expect 3-5 days for availability. 

Online order is for Pick-up only.  We may be in the bee yard, so please call to schedule a time.  641-224-2233

If you would like us to ship to you, please call to make arrangements and to get a shipping quote.

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