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10-Frame Medium Hive Boxes

10-Frame Medium Hive Boxes

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10-Frame, Medium Hive Boxes, 6 5/8"

10-Frame medium hive boxes.  6 5/8 inches.

Traditionally used as a honey super but can be used for raising brood.
     (3 mediums = 2 deeps)

These are some of the best boxes we have seen.  They are cut from quality grade wood, fit together nicely, and are reasonably priced.  That is why we chose them to pass on to our customers.

Commercial Grade:  Generally, these panels are blemish free.  There will be no holes or potential holes, splits, or milling defects.  Sometimes solid tight knots can be found, but are less than the size of a quarter.  If there are knots, they are solid and not allowed on fingers and rabbets.  Small knots in the hand holds are acceptable, unless in the thin part of the hand hold.  Imperfections that interfere with the structure and functionality of the box are not accepted. 

Budget Grade: Minimal milling defects and large knots can be found, along with clean and knot free panels.  Fingers and rabbets must be free of knots.  Knots with cracks going all the way through, as long as the knot is solid are acceptable.  Missing knots on the inside of the edges are permitted as long as half the thickness of the panel is sound.  Overall, when you get budget, you can be confident you are getting structurally sound woodenware for cheaper prices than commercial.

Your choice of unassembled, assembled, or assembled and painted.

Have a bursting honey super? Give it more space with our Medium, 10-frame, Expansion Kit, including a medium honey super with 10 frames, assembled with heavy-waxed plastic foundation.

With a coat or two of paint, your boxes will be ready for your bees!  Or let us paint them for you and you’ll be able to put your bees into them immediately!

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