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Beekeeping Suit - KIDS

Beekeeping Suit - KIDS

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Keep Your Littlest Beekeeper Safe

It seems most kids’ suits offer far less protection than traditional bee suits. This may work if your little beekeeper is going to stay at a distance and not get up in the hive with you while you do an inspection. For serious beekeepers, that’s not been the case. Little ones have no fear and want to be right in the action, holding frames, looking for the queen, and puffing a little smoke when needed. We want these budding beekeepers to have the same protection as we do.  That is why we chose our kids suits with the same quality construction and with the same protective 3D Air Mesh that our adult suits are made out of.

If your children like to be involved, and want to be participants in the beekeeping activities, get them the best protection you can, get them a ComfortPro Kids suit!

Sizes match kids clothing sizes:
 Kids XS Suit (Size 2-4)
 Kids S Suit (Size 5-7)
 Kids M Suit (Size 7-8)
 Kids M Suit (Size 10-12)

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