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Beekeeping Jacket - Adult

Beekeeping Jacket - Adult

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Ventilated Beekeeping Jacket -ComfortPRO

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Great Protection

Our unique 3D fabric gives good protection from stings.

Most Breathable

Cool air easily passes through our bee jackets single ventilated layer while body heat is released

Lightest Weight

Almost 40% lighter than 3 layer ventilated bee jackets

Clearest View and Easy Access

Nearly invisible fencing veil screen allows you to focus easily on your bees. 

No need to remove your entire veil.  The Fencing veil unzips around the front to make it easy to take a drink or to be able to see better while you are driving.  

Interchangeable Veils

Our bee suits and jackets come with a fencing veil or a round veil, or you may choose to get BOTH and the veils can be used interchangeably.  The 2nd veil is only $10!  Great to have a spare in case you get a hole in your primary veil.


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