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Bee Smart Ultimate Quad Deal

Bee Smart Ultimate Quad Deal

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The Ultimate QUAD™ System

US PATENT #10,856,531
+ Other Patents Pending

Discover the Ultimate combination of User/Bee Friendly hive products with advanced features and benefits to insure stronger colonies, healthier bees, increased honey yields and lower losses. Patented and Patent Pending designs work with 8-frame and 10-frame woodenware and are ‘Ready 2 Use, no assembly or painting. Can be combined with other Spears Bee Farm products for a total solution.

Product Details

  • The only complete integrated Hive Cover system available, includes;
    • - Ultimate Hive Cover
    • - Ultimate Insulated Inner Cover
    • - Ultimate IPM Bottom Board
    • - Ultimate IPM Robbing/Moving Screen
  • Combines double wall ventilated Cover with Insulated Inner Cover for stable colony micro-climate to reduce stress on bees and maintain optimal conditions for brood.
  • Retains heat in Winter and minimizes heat gain in Summer.
  • 8-frame/10-frame compatible.
  • IPM Bottom Board helps with ventilation and mite control.
  • Robbing/Moving Screen doubles as a Mouse Guard.
  • Works with conventional woodenware.
  • Ultra-tough Technopolymer construction will not rot or decay like wood.
  • Virtually maintenance free, No painting/No assembly; ‘Ready 2 Use’.
  • ‘Made in USA’, completely Recyclable.

All products 8-frame and 10-frame compatible.

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