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Bee Smart Ultimate Inner Cover

Bee Smart Ultimate Inner Cover

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The Ultimate Insulated Inner Cover

Discover the Ultimate Insulated Inner Cover with features and benefits to meet the needs of any beekeeper. Patent Pending R-10 Insulation System keeps hives cooler in the Summer and warmer in the Winter for a more controlled and natural environment.

If you purchase this Inner Cover and the Ultimate Hive Cover on the same order, you will receive a discount to equal the Duo Deal.  

Product Details

The Ultimate Inner Hive Cover reduces energy demand for healthier and happier bees that produce more honey and over winter more successfully. Multiple wintering entrance options to fit any apiary need. Part of a complete modular/component system of beekeeping products.
This is the workhorse of the system, keeping the temperature and humidity regulated throughout the year.  It stores the entrance reducers and robbing screen when not in use.  To read the other details, please see the 3-page flier in the pictures.

Product Benefits

  • The Ultimate Insulated Inner Cover creates a more stable and uniform hive environment which translates into less stress on the bees for healthier hive that conserves resources in both Winter and
  • Summer. The DUO™ Cover/Insulated Inner Cover System reduces heat gain while retaining nest conditions to help maintain colony homeostasis.
  • The Ultimate Insulated Inner Cover pairs perfectly with the Ultimate Cover to create a perfect system that works on any 8-frame or 10-frame Langstroth hive.
  • The Ultimate Insulated Inner Cover is designed to work in conjunction with the Ultimate Direct Feeder for Spring, Fall and Winter feeding, plus fast package and nuc build-up.
  • The Ultimate Insulated Inner Cover is part of the Bee Smart System that also includes the Ultimate Cover, Ultimate IPM Bottom Board, Ultimate Robbing/Moving Screen with mouse guard and the
  • Super Grip® Detachable Hive Handle, plus Ultimate Hive Stand.

All products 8-frame and 10-frame compatible.
*IA residents add sales tax. 

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