Sale! - 10-Frame Boxes - Try It, You'll Like It!


Hive Boxes on Sale for low, low prices!

These are some of the best boxes we have seen.  Cut from quality grade wood, they fit together very nicely.  American made from American wood.

That is why we chose to pass them on to you at this one-time low price.

Why would we cut our margin so thin?  

We like these hive boxes so well that we want to get them into the hands of fellow beekeepers at a rock-bottom price.   Check out Prices

When you try them, we are confident that you'll like them.

"I've used hive boxes from almost every manufacturer out there.  They all left something to be desired, including loose joints, warped panels, poor quality wood or gaps.  After extensive searching and working with manufacturers, we have what I feel is one of the highest quality hive boxes you'll find anywhere.  One of the first things you'll notice is the quality of the wood.  It has very few knots, the boards are flat, and the cuts are very uniform.  Another is how tightly the finger-joints fit.  I put a few together, painted them, and put them to use to test their quality.  I used them in our apiary for most of the year when I noticed that with one of them, I had missed nailing the corners together.  It still had square corners and no gaps, even after moving it around." 
         Randy Spears

So, if you like saving dollars and getting quality products then take advantage of this offer. 

Limited Time Period

We will only be offering our boxes at this price for 2 weeks. 

Limited Quantity, 

You have your choice of either 5 Deep boxes or 5 Medium boxes at this low introductory price.  We want you to see them and put them together because we are confident that when you do, you won't want another brand of boxes.

If you want more than this limited amount, the regular price is still very competitive and the quality is, again, the best we've seen.  Shop Now