HOI Expo 2024 - Directions and Information about the camp.

  HOI Expo 2024


Turn East off Hwy 63

Take Highway 63 from either Ottumwa or Bloomfield.  Copperhead Road is around 3 miles south of Ottumwa and a little over 10 miles north of Bloomfield.

Going South out of Ottumwa, you will pass a BP station on the right and there will be a church on the left.  Copperhead Road is just past the church.  Turn East.  That would be a left turn if you are coming from Ottumwa and a right turn if you are coming from Bloomfield.

It's hard to see the BP and the church when coming from the south.  Please see the below picture of the intersection as it is coming from the south.

We are planning to have a sign out to help you see the turn.

Copperhead Road is gravel.  You will come to a road going south (right).  Keep going straight (or slightly to the left).  It won't be very far and the camp entrance is on the North (left) side.  There are lots of trees, so you have to look for the enterance.

Once you arrive, there will be someone to take entrance fees at the gate.  The manager's private home is to the left.  We ask that you do not look for them at their home.  On the below map, all the conference locations are listed so you will be able to find them easily.

You will pay your entry fee at the gate.

Between the gate and the lodge is the Shop where Matthew will be forging.

Inside the Lodge are restrooms, the Dining Hall (the location of several speakers), Main Kitchen, and the Gym where most of the vendors will be.
The restrooms are close to the main door.  Halfway down the corridor is a hallway to the Dining Hall.  To get to the Gym, you go straight down the corridor to the doors.  Vendors will have access to larger doors to load out their supplies.  The Lodge is completely wheelchair accessible. 


 The Children's playground is across from the Lodge.

 When you travel on down the road, the road divides, but straight ahead is the Chapel.  The Chapel is completely wheelchair accessible. It is a split-level building with the Chapel on the top and the Chapel Kitchen behind and below.

There will be speaking sessions in both the Chapel and the Chapel Kitchen.  The Chapel Kitchen is at ground level, but a wheelchair may need a little help to get over the threshold.


 We will have a fire at the Lake in the Fire Pit.  There is a Pavillion shelter close by.  To get to the Fire Pit, you take the left road at the Chapel and follow it down the hill, across the dam, and around to the lake shore.