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New Beekeeper's Hive-Only Kit

New Beekeeper's Hive-Only Kit

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Deposit or Full Purchase
Size - 10 or 8 Frame
Bee Smart Quad or All-Wood hive components

Limited Time Offer!  Sale ends March 1, 2023.

Please make your DEPOSIT/DOWN-PAYMENT of $100 by March 1st.

Your kit will be ready for pick-up at Spears Bee Farm on or after March 15th, 2023.

This kit will supply the new beekeeper with most of the hive components needed to get through the first year of beekeeping.

Orders are for pick-up at Spears Bee Farm, Hedrick, Iowa

There is a $100 non-refundable deposit/down-payment required to hold this price. 

If you pay the entire amount, all except $100 is refundable.

Payment of any remaining balance is due at time of pick-up.

We have an All-Wood option.  If you choose to go with the all-wood instead of the Bee Smart Quad, you will get a wooden bottom board, inner cover and lid to replace the quad.  This option does not include the robbing/moving guard or the mouse guards.  These items would need to be purchased separately.  The Bee Smart Quad is normally higher priced than its wood counterparts, but we are greatly reducing the price on these items in order to help new beekeepers.

*IA residents add sales tax. 

We include Bee Smart Quad in our Starter Kits.

Beekeepers need all the advantages they can get.

This new, innovative, bee-friendly technology:

  • mimics honeybees’ natural environment.
  • for better brood & honey production.
  • insulates for winter cold and summer heat.
  • regulates hive moisture and temperature.
  • integrates IPM features (mite control).
  • has robbing/moving screen & mouse guards.
  • is lightweight and rugged.
  • requires No Painting, with No Rotting.
  • stores seasonal items in the top – always ready.
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