Homesteaders of Iowa - HOI Expo 2023

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Breakfast in the Dining Hall 8am to 8:45am
(Will need to clear out for our first class at 9am)
5 Guys Barbeque Food Truck - Outside
Fat Cow Food Truck - Outside (Friday)
The Flour Shop Bakery (snacks)- Vendor Hall

Bring your canner lids on Friday. The lady who will be
testing them will be at the Expo from 10am to 2pm.

The Chickens Class is FULLY BOOKED!
Composting and Foraging are not far behind.

Horse & Cattle Ranching class should more aptly be called
Ranching, Riding, and Roping, Our Story.
Bob will be bringing his lariat
to demonstrate some of his roping skills.
Who wants in on that fun?

The Food Preserving classes each cover different processes.
Canning is the focus of the first and Fermenting is the second.
Somewhere in there Becky will cover freezing and dehydrating.
Do you know you can dehydrate your ferments?

IF there is still ROOM AVAILABLE,
you will be allowed to change classes at the Expo.

Make Sure to Have FUN!!!


Sitting under the tree canopy at Forest Lake Camp in the summer of 2022, a few of us developed the idea of a homesteading group with a family friendly environment to interact with like-minded people who are interested in homesteading's self-sufficient lifestyle, with a willingness to learn from and support one another.  And as it developed, it was apparent that we needed to facilitate a gathering to share the aspects and diverse skills of homesteading. 
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There are still a few RV sites available at Forest Lake Camp.
Cabins have all been booked.

Get directions and learn about the camp.

Pioneer Ridge Nature Center has RV sites available. 
Their year-round cabins are already booked.
Go to: My County Parks
Southfork Motel and Grill in Bloomfield is offering a discount
for HOI Expo 2023.  Please call them to book with the discount. 
641-664-1063.  Southfork Motel and Grill - Bloomfield, IA
Ottumwa is 10 minutes away and has several high quality
Hotels.  You can find them through your favorite booking site.

On Friday, there will be a campfire at the lake shore. There may be singing and storytelling.  You'll have to be there to find out.
HOI Expo 2023 Speaker Biographies: 
Rachel Lames
Andy Joseph, State Apiarist
Faith Reeves, Soil Specialist