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Queens - Spears SE Iowa


June 21

Queens will be available from late May to August.  Exact time will depend on Iowa's changeable weather.  (Check Ship Dates above.)

$35 per marked Queen. We never charge for marking

Please call Spears Bee Farm at 641-224-2233 if you are interested in purchasing more than 10 queens to verify availability and shipping prices.

Spears SE Iowa queens start with our local bees that have been surviving for decades in this area.  Since they are still here, they must have developed their own resistance to the current honeybee pests.  Into this, we have added other honeybee bloodlines to boost their mite resistance.  We watched a "cleaner" bee station herself outside the hive to clean the foragers (remove mites) before letting them into the hive. Our bees are healthy, well fed, and good brood builders.  We also make sure to graft from gentle colonies in order to keep the beekeeping experience as pleasant as possible.  Queen colors may vary from golden to dark, or striped. 

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