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Nuc - Over-Wintered (Late April)

Sold Out


Our Over-Winter Nucs have been very popular and are sold out.

For Pick-up in April. (The exact time will depend on weather.) Sign up for email notifications.  It is how we will keep you informed.

The cost of the nuc is $200 (plus tax).
Your $75 (plus tax) non-refundable deposit will reserve your nuc.
You will pay the remaining $125 (plus tax) at pick-up time. ($139 per nuc)

Our Mesh Traveling Bags can be added to your order at $9.95 each, either to the deposit or full payment options.  One bag will cover one NUC to be able to transport your NUC with confidence that your bees will not get loose in your vehicle during transportation.

Our over-wintered 5-frame deep nucs are colonies from queens we raised last summer, brought to a good strength, have come through winter, and will be ready to go in April, as weather permits.  They have proven themselves to be winter survivors in this area.  You will get 3 frames with brood, one food frame, and 1 foundation frame.

Our queens are local feral bees that have been surviving here for decades.  Into this, we have added bloodlines of Russian and Saskatraz to boost their mite resistance.  We watched a "cleaner" bee station herself outside the hive to clean the foragers (remove mites) before letting them into the hive. Our bees are healthy, well fed, and good brood builders.  We also make sure to graft from gentle colonies in order to keep the beekeeping experience as pleasant as possible.  Queen colors may vary from golden to dark, or striped. 

Nuc Installation Instructions

Any questions, please call 641-224-2233.

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